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New research shows that drinking coffee each day is very healthy.

  1. A new study in the Annals of Internal Medicine reveals that the more coffee you drink, the less likely you are to die early from any cause. Researchers point out that coffee beans have antioxidant compounds and the ability to keep your mind sharp, which will help you avoid accidents and make better choices.
  2. Drinking caffeinated coffee will help speed up your metabolism and feel less hungry.
  3. The odds of liver problems develop with age, except with coffee drinkers. A U.K study shows that coffee cuts the risk of liver cancer in half and also helps reverse some liver damage caused by drinking too much alcohol.
  4. Coffee’s high level of antioxidants helps reduce your risk of high blood pressure. A Swedish study shows that the elderly with high blood pressure who drink at least one cup of coffee each day will have healthier blood vessels, and cat reduce the odds of strokes and heart attacks.

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